2014: Ladies 1 - 10m / Team 10m / 50m 60 Prone & 3x20 / Team 50m

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2014 was even more complete than the other year. Victoria enters Ladies 1, a category where the competition is very tough.

She get used to it because she finished 11th of Regional 10m championship and will be qualified for the French 10m Championships in Dijon where she finished 40th.

In Team, the French Club Championship will unfortunately not be reached, but they will be ranked fourth in the Regional Clubs.

In 50m Regional, Victoria will be placed in 3rd and 4th place in 60 prone with very good score. She is happy to return to Bordeaux for the French 50m Championships where she finished 18th and 41th.

There was no team at 50m at the Shooting Society Pontoise for over 5 years, so it is with great honor that Victoria will be a part of this team. The scores of the shooters of the team in individual Regional enables the Shooting Society Pontoise to participate in the French Club 50m championships! The team arrives with not a lot of training because, for a month, the Stand had closed its doors during holidays. The team finished 18th in Division 2.

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