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Description of the association A3SR

A3SR supports talented people

The A3SR association was created in 2005 with the aim of supporting and promoting the Polish racing driver Stefan Romecki In his ascent to the highest level of the world car-racing. Since 2011, the association wants to bring its support in other domains such as the Motorcycle, The Shooting Sports, the Music, or still the Computing, the Web services, the Design, the Watchmakers...

Since 2014, A3SR support, Stefan Romecki, Victoria Romecki, Robin Richard


#RacingForPoland Academy

Since 2013, Stefan Romecki and #RacingForPoland 

In February 2016, the #RacingForPoland Academy is born. This partnership between the famous Campos Academy and RacingForPoland will help young racing drivers to be on the international motorsport. More here


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