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The Virage Racing Academy is following Stefan Romecki's career since 2013. With Virage, racing drivers like Sergio Perez, Charles Pic, Guiedo Van Der Garde, or the Russian Vitaly Petrov are on top level in motorsport.

Links: - @VirageAcademy - fb/VirageAcademy 

Roi Doré Gallery, located in the centre of Paris' artistic district by reference - Le Maraias - in the whereabouts of Picasso's Museum, has begun its activity in march 2010, offering a new exhibition space for polish artists and fans of their works.

Links: - fb/GalerieRoiDore



RSA-Romecki Service Automatique 

With 25+ years of experience on the automatic distributor, you will get the best service as you can. In all the Parisian Region, RSA is a partner of the A3SR association since 2005, a great way to show how fast and precise they are. 


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